Our reward program is here! Get rewarded for placing orders and getting the word out about rePotme. If you are new to the site, simply become a member to start getting rewarded. If you're an existing member (i.e: you can log in with your username and password), we've gone ahead and added you to the reward program.

How it works.

Join rePotme Rewards

Sign up today and get rewarded on every purchase. Also, receive cash back for referring friends and family! Get 100 free Blooms for joining today!

Shop as Usual

Once you've joined, simply shop as usual and let the rewards pile up! 

Save and Redeem

Every dollar spent is worth 5 rePotme blooms (points). Every thousand blooms collected will earn you $10 off your next purchase.

Ways to earn.


5 Blooms/Dollar

Get rewarded for every purchase you make. Use your rewards to receive store credit! 


25-50 Blooms

Get credit for spreading the word about rePotme. Get 50 blooms for liking us on Facebook and another 25 sharing us!



Both the referrer and friend get $5 off their next purchase! In order to be eligible, the person being referred must be a first time customer. 


500 Blooms

Every year, receive a free 500 blooms on your birthday! We think you're awesome,  and we would like to celebrate your birthday with a gift.

Ways to spend.

Earn Store Credit

Increments of $10

Convert your rewards points to one time use discount codes and earn money towards future orders. 


600+ Blooms

Redeem your blooms for popular products like our slotted pots, potting mix, fertilizer, and more!

Gain VIP Status.

Silver Status

Earned once you become a member of the site/sign up for the reward program.


Earn 5 Blooms per $1 Spent

Earn Points on Your Birthday

Gold Status

Earned once you accumulate 2500 blooms in a calendar year. Status resets annually.


Earn 6 Blooms per $1 Spent 

 Earn Points on Your Birthday

Platinum Status

Earned once you accumulate 6000 blooms in a calendar year. Status resets annually. 


 Earn 7 Blooms per $1 Spent 

Earn Points on Your Birthday 

 Free $25 Gift Card