Pots for Indoor Plants

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Self Watering

The Aqua Core Collection

The rePotme Aqua Core Collection combines exquisite glazes with traditional aesthetics, creating a timeless look. Suitable for many houseplants, these pots boast a variety of visually stunning hues.

Beautiful Simplicity

The Contemporary Collection

Elegance meets functionality. Our contemporary collection looks great while providing a nurturing growing environment for your plants. Each pot comes with a detachable saucer, making watering a breeze.


Slotted Pots

These slotted pots by rePotme are the latest innovation in delivering maximum drainage and airflow in a single pot. Perfect for houseplants of all types!

Lightweight Design

The Stone Collection

Want that rugged outdoor look without the weight?

The rePotme Stone Collection offers growers a versatile indoor/outdoor pot that drains well and looks fantastic. 

Stunning Glazes

Ceramic Self Watering Pots

Our exclusive self-watering pots are hand glazed jewels. We have a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes available and each come with an inner pot that is specially designed to allow moisture to seep into the potting mix slowly.

Window Dressing

Ceramic Window Boxes

The all new ceramic glazed orchid window box is perfect for holding two plants side by side. It comes with a fixed drip tray, multiple rubber pads on the base to protect surfaces, and stands just over 5" tall. Our 5" slot pot fits nicely in each of these and two are included with each pot ordered.

hydroponics made easy

Net Pots

From our smallest 2", to our jumbo 11" net pot, we have the pots you need. There are several different net pots to choose from and all are of high quality black plastic construction and designed for years of service.

Don't be Such a Square

Square Pots

We have a nice selection of Square Pots in a variety of sizes and colors too!

Quality pots are a important for any grower of houseplants. At rePotme, we only carry pots that will promote great drainage and growth for plants of all types. Whether you are growing a traditional houseplant like the Snake Plant, Monstera, Philodendron, Peace Lily, Spider Plant; or, something more exotic, we have the pot you need. If you're repotting, don't forget to pick up some fresh mix!