Vanda Baskets - Wooden Hanging Baskets for Orchids

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These stylish wooden hanging baskets, crafted from 100% natural pine wood, come with a complimentary metal hanger, presenting an exceptional display solution for your plants. These baskets are highly versatile, suitable for a wide range of plants, enhancing any setting with their natural charm.

Known among orchid enthusiasts as vanda baskets, they are traditionally used for growing Vanda orchids. These orchids thrive in humid conditions, allowing their roots to naturally interlace through the basket's slats, creating a stunning visual display as they cascade outward and downward. For environments with lower humidity, it's recommended to use a pot, such as a slotted pot, to prevent the potting mix from escaping through the slats.

Not limited to Vanda orchids, these baskets are adaptable for growing various orchids and plants. They can serve as an alternative to traditional pots by inserting coconut husk fiber between the slats to secure the orchid mix. Vanda baskets offer the flexibility of being placed directly on a growing area or suspended from the ceiling, catering to plants like vandas that require high light levels and have cascading roots.

Embracing vanda baskets not only diversifies the growing conditions but also elevates the presentation of orchids. Just add a dash of creativity and fun to transform your space!