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~ African Violet Care ~

Read and learn about all the ways to take care of these wonderful plants. African Violets will thrive for many years if given the proper attention.

9 Simple Tips for African Violets

Here we cover some of the most common questions we get asked regarding African Violet Care.

How to Water African Violets

Did you know one of the most effective ways to water an African Violet is from the bottom up?

What is Root Rot?

Is your African Violet not bouncing back the way you would think? It's possible you need to check its roots.

Separating and Transplanting

After you've propagated your leaf, what should you do next? This guide reveals the answers to those questions.

Repotting Your African Violet

A helpful guide to walk you through your first African Violet repotting. Don't worry, it's easier than you think!

African Violet Repotting FAQ

Do you know how often you should repot your African Violet? The answer might surprise you!

Propagation By Leaf

In this tutorial, we cover how to create new African Violets from the healthy leaves currently growing on your plant

Climate and Temperature Guide

How hot or cold should my growing environment be? This and other climate related questions answered.

Fertilizing Your African Violet

A simply guide comprising of common questions and answers regarding the topic of fertilizing.

Leaf Colors Explained

Ever wondered why your leaves are turning brown, yellow, or some other color? We have your answers!

Light Requirements

We often get asked questions regarding light requirements for African Violets. We provide those answers here.


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