African Violet - Separating and Transplanting

How to Transplant After Propagation

Continued from our Leaf Propagation article. 

Here we are, months after we first began the leaf propagation process.Congratulations! It worked. Now we have a pot with at least one of these cute little guys and you’re probably wondering, now what?

Ensure the baby violets are ready

First, make sure that the plantlets are ready for separation/transplantation. If the plantlets don’t have any size to them yet, it’s too early. Again, we should have been waiting for 4-6 months for this moment. Generally, if it hasn’t been 3 months, it hasn’t been long enough.

If you have waited the appropriate amount of time, and your plant looks ready, continue reading this tutorial. If not, give the plantlets a little more time, then come back.

Remove the plantlet from the mother leaf

Remove the plantlet/leaf mass from the pot as if you were repotting it as one plant. Now, slowly pull your plantlet away from the original leaf you planted all those months ago. They should come apart relatively easily.

Pot the Baby Plant in Fresh Mix

African Violet Fertilizer Care

At this point you should have one or more baby African violets that you have removed from the mother leaf. Now we need to get a pot and fill it with mix. This mix will be different than our propagation mix, as it was designed specifically for African Violets to grow and mature in. In terms of the pot, we are going to need a small one. Anything from 2 to 3 inches should do. Once your pot is filled with mix, take your scalpel (or any poking utensil) and created a nice little hole in the center of the mix. This is where we will be planting the plantlet.

Nice and slowly, put the plantlet into the hole you just made and lightly pack in fresh new mix around it. Don’t go overboard with the packing, but make sure the plantlet is secure inside its new pot. If you have done this step correctly, the mix should come right up to the point where the stem meets the leaf.

Water Your New African Violet

Lightly water (remember to water from the bottom via saucer) your new African violet and give yourself a pat on the back! You made it through the tutorial and have expanded your African Violet collection in the process. Nice job.

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