Ceramic Orchid Pots

Keep your orchids looking sharp with our huge ceramic orchid pot collection!

Growing Up

4" Ceramic Orchid Pots

Each of these pieces are a perfect size for those plants that are not quite babies anymore, but still need a relatively small space to grow in. Each comes with a fixed drip tray and multiple rubber pads on the base to protect surfaces.

stunning glazes

5" Ceramic Orchid Pots

We carry gorgeous 5" ceramic orchid pots in assorted colors. Each pot is unique and color varies from piece to piece, and each is a wonderful addition to your display. Each piece is truly a work of art and are mostly glazed inside as well.

growing up fast

6" Ceramic Orchid Pots

Brilliant glazes and sharp appeal is something our customers expect our of our pots. Our 6" pot line certainly lives up to the hype.

Big and Beautiful

7" Orchid Pots

Each pot is unique and and each will be a wonderful addition to your display. Each piece is truly a work of art and are mostly glazed inside as well. These pots are a beautiful choice for large African violets too.

wonderfully large

8" Orchid Pots

We are happy to welcome back our large ceramic orchid pots in the 8" size. You will notice some familiar colors and also some brand new ones. Likewise, there are some new shapes and new features.

One of a kind

10" Orchid Pots

The rePotme team is proud to introduce the largest true orchid pots ever made. These pots complete the set of their 6" and 8" counterparts. Finally, your large orchids can be displayed as the masterpieces that they are!

Standing tall

5" x 7.5" Tall Ceramic Orchid Pots

These tall ceramic pots are the large versions of our beautiful small 3.5" x 5" ceramic orchid pots.


Cache Pots

Looking for a pot that's a little different? Perhaps really large or without cut out holes? Our cache pot collection could be the thing for you.

Not quite pots

Ceramic Specialty Products

Our specialty ceramics section is home to a variety of pieces. These pots can stand alone, be matched, or contrasted with one another. Our intention is to offer contemporary and visually stimulating works here, pottery that can reach out and touch you, colors that can dazzle and shapes that are out of the ordinary. Let your imagination go and you will see the possibilities these great pieces hold.

rePotme offers a wide assortment of ceramic pots for your plants, from 3" exquisitely glazed pots to 5" and 7" brilliant works of art, and large 10" glazed masterpieces that are sure to please even the most discriminating enthusiast. We also have discovered the most beautiful glazed two part African Violet Pots that are as pretty as they are functional.You may notice that many of these pieces have a resemblance to one another (sizes, glazes, shapes, and pattern cut-outs), so you can put together your own collection of pieces that connect with each other in a variety of ways.