Self Watering Pots

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Our exclusive African violet self-watering pots are hand glazed jewels.  We have a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes available and each come with an inner pot that is specially designed to allow moisture to seep into the potting mix slowly.  This seepage provides moisture to the delicate roots that need water to promote beautiful blooms.  African violet food like our famous MSU FEED ME! Fertilizer can be added to the water for gentle feeding too.  Each pot comes with soft attached pads on the base to protect surfaces and furniture.  All of the pots can be refilled ( just an inch or two of water ) by lifting the inner pot for access to the outer pot reservoir, and our newest pots also have a filling hole so water can simply be added that way.

Be sure to see our newest additions which come in sizes from 6” diameter all the way up to giant 12” widths for those specimen size beauties that are so hard to find generous sized pots for.  This family of pots with matching glazes are available in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” widths ( measured on the outside reservoir pots ).  Inside dimensions of the inner pot where the plant is placed are listed for each pot under dimensions.  For example, the 12” pot has an unheard of 9.5” inner pot opening!

Hand glazed, with spectacular shapes and sizes, these African violet pots make wonderful gifts for any occasion and will be sure to make your collection stand out in radiant beauty also.