6" Ceramic Orchid Pot

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Hand glazed ceramic orchid pots are beautiful works of art that compliment beautiful blooms and wonderful plants preparing to bloom again. We’ve searched far and wide to create and offer this exquisite collection of the most beautiful deep glazed colors and designs available anywhere.  Available in limited quantities, the most recent additions are offered in practical sizes that are larger than those found in box stores and ours come with clear plastic inserts that fit correctly inside.  Typical smaller ceramic orchid pots are 5” wide, but we had them made in a more generous 6” width.  We also now have these same beautiful pots in significantly larger hard to find 8” wide sizes.  For those even larger specimens in your collection, we created 10” wide giant beauties that will properly display and protect the most magnificent big plants you own.



Solid and made to last for generations, these spectacular pots come with clear plastic inserts so plants can be lifted out for examination of root health and moisture levels without disturbing roots.  Wayward orchids with long spikes or curious pets passing by won’t easily turn these over because the weight of the pot and the attached drip tray prevent tipping or flipping over.  Each pot comes with attached pads on the bottom to protect surfaces and furniture.



These jewel like ceramics will make wonderful gifts for any occasion, and adding even one to your own collection will be sure to make you and your orchids happy too.  The only caution is that we only have so many, and if you’ve followed us over the years, you will know that once they are gone, the same pots or colors may not come back again.  That’s part of the allure with these, not many are available and you won’t find them anywhere else!