Imperial Orchid Mixes

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Imperial orchid mixes, exclusively from rePotme, use exceptionally clean media which are a delight to work with. AAA New Zealand Sphagnum is unusually soft and fluffy. Cork offers craggy surfaces which many orchids love and adds to the longevity of the mix. Our Orchiata™ Monterey Bark is a superior aged bark from the New Zealand Pinus Radiata specially produced to grow high quality orchids throughout the world.

Q: What goes into the Imperial Orchid Mixes?

A: Each Imperial Orchid Mix is unique, and various ones contain AAA New Zealand Sphagnum, Imported Cork Chips from Portugal, Orchiata™ Monterey Bark from New Zealand, and other media that round out the mix, like sponge rock, or rice hulls, or tree fern etc. Each ingredient is spelled out completely so our customers know precisely what they are buying, just like with our Classic Orchid Mixes - no "secret" ingredients. These are very special mixes, and are perhaps as much defined by what doesn't go into them as what does. For example, we made a decision to not have any Coconut products in the Imperial Orchid Mixes. Not because they are bad, but because we want to have a clear alternative. Kind of like a vegetarian menu is an alternative in a restaurant. No fir bark exists in the Imperial Orchid Mixes. The bark we use for these exclusive blends is Monterey. The long fibered Sphagnum we use is AAA New Zealand. 

Q: What is so special about cork?

A:Many orchids love to grow on cork plaques, and in cork tubes which we think look great too. The reason these orchids love cork is because it doesn't get sopping wet, resists mold, and has craggy surfaces for roots to burrow into. Cork chips, chunks and nuggets make a marvelous addition to mixes because they impart these same qualities and also keep the mix open and airy. They look fantastic in the mix too, and the top of the mix seems to stay fresh and clean looking for longer stretches of time.

Q: Why are there multi-purpose Imperial Orchid Mixes?

A:In each of our Mix lines (Classic Orchid Mix and Imperial Orchid Mix) we wanted to create a mix that is based as much on genera as on root type. With so many different species of orchids, it would be a great challenge to have a mix for each, so we wanted to give our customers the ability to match a mix up with a specific plant based on characteristics if not by genera/name. We created two of these, one based on AAA New Zealand Sphagnum, and the other based on Orchiata™ Monterey Bark. There are also two multi-purpose mixes in the Classic Orchid Mix line, the Cattleya and the Fir Blends. All of that said we now make 25 unique exclusive mixes for our customers.