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Flower Pots

With the many requests we have had for plastic pots in COLORS, we are delighted to introduce you to our newest color flower pots.

We have a pretty new Gloss Pink 5" diameter with an interior grey color that is the same design as our Crystal Clear double drainage pots. Next is our Gloss White which is identical to the Gloss Pink, also a 5" diameter but with a slightly lighter shade of grey interior. Both have 9 holes built into a multi-level base, you won't have to worry about water pooling around roots. The center inside bottom of the pot is slightly raised and forms the middle of a 6 port base to channel water away. There are also slight ridges on the base of the pot for elevation above surfaces. Both are 3 5/8 tall and 3 5/8 in diameter at the base.

Our 10" flower pots with detachable bases are available in terracotta, charcoal and white.

We are also delighted to have found two big 12 and 14 inch pots. They are matched in style and color and offer outstanding drainage on two levels with built in feet that are sturdy and attractive. Both pots have a strong rolled lip for beauty and for carrying and both have multiple slots in the top of the lip for plant labels. They really look like clay pots with the matte textured finish, not the shiny look of inferior terracotta colored pots.

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