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4 Simple Tips for Watering Your Pothos


Hailing from the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, this viney vegetation enjoys a warm, temperate climate and multiple rainfalls a month. Here are a few easy tips to help your Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy, feel right at home!

1. Find a Breathable Pot with Great Drainage

The first step in making sure Pothos get just the right amount of water is at the pot. Proper care of Pothos begins at the potting stage, so it is good to ensure that Pothos have their perfect home from the start. The pot is vital for regulating water retention by allowing for drainage at the bottom as well as keeping the moisture aerated so harmful anaerobic microbes cannot accumulate and cause root-rot. Here at rePotme, we needed a good pot with generous aeration and complete drainage where water would otherwise pool at the bottom, so we created our rePotme Slot Pots to fit our needs. Since Pothos is a hanging plant and needs a hard pot for support while hanging, we include a Slot Pot liner with our ceramic pots to get the best of both!

2. Use a Quality Potting Mix Designed for Pothos

As a tropical plant, Pothos need a nutrient-rich media that has thorough water drainage and airflow, but can still absorb enough water to keep a plant moist and happy between waterings. A great choice for keeping your Pothos breathing and drinking is the Pothos Imperial Potting Mix. Our Pothos Imperial Potting Mix combines coir for absorption and fungus-gnat resistance, stalite for drainage, and New Zealand Monterey Pine bark for nutrition.

3. Hanging Plants Need Love Too

As a crawling plant, the Pothos emanates vines that can get quite long. Whether they are to be draped over their surroundings or dangled in place, it can be important to hang your Pothos rather than setting them on a surface. To help with hanging, we provide Hand Woven Macrame Hangers that are made to securely hold up to an 8" ceramic pot! Plants need pots that provide efficient water drainage and airflow, and our ceramic pots with Slot Pot inserts don’t disappoint!

4. Don't Overwater

Back home in the rainforest, Pothos experience frequent, but short rainfalls. Generally, Pothos should be watered about once a week. Variables such as humidity, the size of the pot, and the weather may impact the frequency of watering. Generally smaller pots dry out faster due to a lower volume:surface ratio, and heat can cause any amount of soil to dry out faster. When the surface of the soil is dry, this is a good indicator of when it is time to water.

Pothos should be watered slowly at the base. It is important to pour the water into the base of the plant slowly, until the water just starts to emerge rom the drainage holes under the pot. Our watering cans have long and narrow spouts that make it easy to slide past the leaves and into the base of the plant, as well as finely controlling the flow of water.

With just a bit of easy care, your Pothos is sure to grow long and strong, and give you and your home many good years to come!

We hope you've found this care guide fun and easy to follow. For more easy plant care tutorials, we have a broad selection of articles and regularly publish new content. Stay tuned for more! If you have any questions, our outgoing and friendly staff are always happy to help!

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