Monthly Orchid Care - December

To Do Now:

1. Now is the time of year to start thinking about gifts for orchid lovers on your list or for the hints you want to drop for yourself. Our ceramic orchid pots make an ideal gift. We will ship it direct to their door. Our gift certificates make an ideal gift as they can be delivered via email. We have an array of fun styles sure to please.

2. Some orchids require a dry winter rest. In December we will stop watering orchids of the genus Catasetum.

3. Orchids that are in bloom now may well need repotting when their blooming ends. Once new acquisitions go out of bloom is a perfect time to repot them into the orchid mixes and orchid pots that work best in your environment. Orchids that didn't bloom as expected may benefit from being moved into new mix. It is time to think about having mixes and pots on hand to repot those orchids.

4. With all the fabulous Dendrobiums in bloom during this holiday season it is time to start planning for repotting them. Dendrobiums can be picky about when they are repotted and they most prefer after blooming just as they are setting new growths. With Dendrobium orchid mix on hand you can be ready when those new little roots are the ideal inch long. Perhaps you'd like to try our exclusive Imperial Dendrobium Orchid Mix which is made with volcanic rock, two sizes of Orchiata bark, and sponge rock. It is a very long lasting mix and is especially ideal for orchids like Dendrobiums that resent having their roots disturbed. 

5. Beware of the dry air in heated environments and lack of light during these very short and sometimes dreary days. Insufficient light is a common culprit in the failure of orchids to rebloom.

Looking Ahead:

1. Did you get a beautiful orchid in bloom as a gift? If you don't know what kind it is please use our handy orchid identification reference to find out. We like to repot new acquisitions right after they go out of bloom. The orchid identification reference will point you to the ideal mix for your new orchid.

2. Winter's grey days can take their toll and Physan 20 can really help if opportunistic fungal or bacterial rot try to creep in. Need supplemental light? Our Orchid Grow Lights may be just what your orchids need.

3. With so many orchids in bloom at this time, now is an excellent opportunity to get organized. Our custom plant labels make organizing an orchid collection a breeze.

Looking Back:

1. Now is the time of year we start thinking about decorations for the winter months and the holiday season. Many orchids are coming into their full bloom at this time. Our ceramic orchid pots make a perfect display as well as an ideal gift. Flower clips add a decorative touch!

2. We should be looking to have our Phalaenopsis setting spikes by Thanksgiving. Get ready to stake up all those spikes and arching inflorescences. Find an example in our orchid staking tutorial. Not sure if it is a spike or a root? Look for the classic mitten shape as shown here.

3. Reduce watering with the reduction in temperature and light but increase humidity in heated environments. Our watering tools and humidity trays are a great solution for creating a nice environment that allows for watering orchids right on the tray.

4. Repot fall bloomers such as Cattleya, Paphiopedilums and Miltonopsis when they go out of bloom in our Orchid Mixes. If you prefer your own unique mix, our Select-A-Blend make your own custom orchid mix may be just what you've always been looking for.

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