Our Environment-First Approach

Smarter Packaging

Gone are the days of packing peanuts. All rePotme shipments now are packed with green air packets. The green air packets you will find in your box are biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable just like the box them come in. They can be simply recycled with any other recyclable material. No mess, no peanuts, and no environmental headaches. 

Powered By Nature

Here at rePotme our internet presence is powered by wind turbines while geothermal energy beneath the ground provides the heating and air conditioning for our Delaware Headquarters. Electricity for our operations comes from a local co-operative that gets a portion of its energy from a solar farm just up the road.


All rainwater collected from the roof is directed into two ponds that are regularly visited by a wide variety of birds including a pair of bald eagles and a blue heron! The farm is primarily meadow lands graced by a 100 year old barn. By coincidence, our street name is Paradise Road and this wonderful rural farmland is appropriately named. When we are not filling your orders, we take in all that mother nature has created around us.

As we grew over the years

We needed more space to continue offering our products to an expanding universe of customers. A few years ago we purchased this 20 acre farm and began planning the construction of the new rePotme. We knew we had to keep a continued focus on rapidly filling orders with the finest products while being able to carry more products for all sorts of orchids, bonsai, african violets and the wide variety of other plants our customers have. The building itself is over 12,000 square feet and allows us to move great quantities of material and products in and out at the same time. This is critical to our operation because we have large trucks bringing in supplies daily even as your orders are heading out to domestic and international destinations.

We are sensitive to our responsibility

Regarding the environment, and try to use materials and resources with that in mind. Many of the items we offer are renewable and others are made from recycled material. One example of renewable materials we use are those made from coconuts. These include all of our coconut husk chips which are used in many of our mixes. Coir is also processed from the coconut husk, as is our husk fiber. Much of our media is renewable, and if in doubt, we try to use as little as possible of it while still maintaining the integrity and quality of our products.

Examples of recycled materials we use include most of our white plastic pots, all of the boxes we ship our products in, and even the air packets we use to secure the products that are in our boxes. Our GET OFF ME! Natural Bug Spray is an all natural cinnamon and water infusion that uses no chemicals, save a few drops of baby shampoo as a surfactant.

We continue to take our responsibility to be careful in what we do and how we use products with a mindful approach to our part in protecting and caring for the environment we treasure and seek to protect.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead