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How to Best Water Monstera Plants

monstera Plant

Do you like Swiss cheese? If so, the Monstera, also named the Swiss Cheese Plant, is the plant for you! Much like the widely popular cheese many of us know and love, this plant is full of holes. Unlike the cheese, which gets its holes from carbon dioxide emitted from bacteria, the Monstera grows with the holes already there. Having many holes means the Monstera has many edges, and edges are the most sensitive to watering mistakes. In this article, we’ll show you easy ways to stay on top of watering so your Swiss Cheese Plant gets just the right amount to stay healthy, happy, and looking their best!

What Measures Should Be Taken for Correctly Watering Monstera?

First and foremost, what we need is a pot. Ideally, this pot would have side holes or slits for improved air circulation. Vitally, this pot will need to have bottom drainage. If you don’t have a pot yet and are in the market for one, our own rePotme Slot Pot is unmatched in airflow and drainage thanks to our system of vertical side slits and radial bottom slits that makes sure that absolutely no water can pool at the bottom to cause root-rot. If you like ceramics, our ceramic offerings include a Slot Pot as an insert so your plant can have the best of both worlds! 

Provide a Peat-Free Potting Soil 

As a plant used to a tropical Middle-American environment, Monstera need a nutrient-rich media that has fair water drainage and airflow, but can still absorb enough water to keep a plant moist and happy between waterings. A great choice for keeping your Monstera well hydrated, but breathing freely is our own Monstera Imperial Potting Soil Mix. This Monstera Mix combines coir for absorption and fungus-gnat resistance, charcoal to protect from fertilizer burn, and New Zealand Monterey Pine bark for nutrition. All of our mixes are house-made fresh and to-order.

Use a Breathable, Fairly Large Pot

What gave the Monstera their name is their ability to grow large, although size is not what makes the monster and what makes the man. To accommodate their stature, we created our 10” Slot Pot. If you are working with your own pot, make sure the pot has plenty of holes. Side ventilation is important, but bottom drainage is crucial. The size of the holes is also important, as media can slip out of large holes. All of our styles of pot come in many colors and sizes, and are both attractive and functional. Our Slot Pots have ventilation around the sides, but small enough openings to prevent soil from spilling out.

How Much Water is Too Much Water?

Back home near the equator, Monstera experience frequent, but short rainfalls. Generally, Monstera should be watered about once a week when it’s warm and biweekly when it’s cold. Variables such as humidity, the size of the pot, and the weather may impact the frequency of watering. Generally smaller pots dry out faster due to a lower volume:surface ratio, and heat can cause any amount of soil to dry out faster. When the surface of the soil is dry, this is a good indicator of when it is time to water.

Monstera should be watered slowly at the base. It is important to pour the water into the base of the plant slowly, until the water just starts to emerge from the drainage holes under the pot. Our stainless steel watering can has a long and narrow spout that makes it easy to slide past the leaves and into the base of the plant, as well as finely controlling the flow of water.

With just a bit of easy care, your Monstera has the potential to grow big and strong, and give you and your home many good years to come!

We hope you've found this care guide fun and easy to follow. For more easy plant care tutorials, we have a broad selection of articles and regularly publish new content. Stay tuned for more! If you have any questions, our outgoing and friendly staff are always happy to help!

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