6 Simple Care Tips for Pothos Plants

The Pothos goes by many names, and these names vary widely in approachability. Pothos sounds like one of the Musketeers, and surely would be an upstanding member of the household. The Devil's Ivy, the Hunters Robe, and the Ceylon Creeper, however, sound as though they are plotting something nefarious. For this particular houseplant; both may be true!

Home in a High-Rise

As a trailing plant, the Pothos has many outstretched vines that have ornamental uses and can be draped over and around anything to add a bit of cottage-core flair to the living space! The heart of the plant may be placed on a surface or can be suspended by one of our Deluxe Hand Woven Macrame Hangers! Our hangers fit many of our pots and come in a range of cozy colors! Our three sizes of hangers can suspend one, two, three ceramic pots with our included rePotme Slot Pot inserts for exceptional drainage and fresh air exchange.


Water With the Winds

Sometimes we find ourselves busy with the bustle of life and miss the week's watering. If you often find yourself indisposed, the Pothos is an excellent choice of houseplant. They are very forgiving when a watering is missed. You may water them when you get around to it, or if it has been particularly hot or dry out. Allow the soil to dry between waterings to avoid the complications of overhydration such as root rot and pathogen infestation such as mold. Pothos like humidity and in humid air, only need watering every 1 to 2 weeks, however, if the air is too dry, watering every few days may be needed to accommodate. If watering is delayed, they are fairly good at bouncing back. When watering, especially in bright light, it's best to avoid the leaves and water at or near the base so the droplets don't focus light in such a way that burns the leaves. To help with gentle and consistent watering, we carry sprinklerhead watering cans in plastic and straight spout watering cans in stainless steel.

Basking and Brooding

A nifty trait of the Pothos is they have flexible lighting needs. If it's hard to find a spot with regular direct light and they spend time in the shadows, they are fairly forgiving.

Feeding Your Pothos

This houseplant may sound strange and arcane, but its diet is very much normal. They take an evenly balanced fertilizer such as our 5-5-5 FEED ME! Houseplant Food. When the air is warm and they have a faster metabolism, they'll need feeding about twice per month. During cooler seasons, they old need monthly feeding.

When You Got It, Flaunt It!

The Pothos is a proud plant with rich leaves of varying patterns and colors! Some phenotypes have flecks of gold and some are even marbled! Appropriately, they are named the Golden Pothos and the Marble Queen! To help your plant show off their leaves, we've created WASH ME! Natural Leaf Cleaner to help keep the dust of and keep everything squeaky clean! If you happen to encounter any damaged leaves, you may gently remove them with a sanitary tool such as our rePotme Precision Clips. It's important to clean and disinfect any trimming tools before use.

The Devil's Ivy Has Demons

There comes a time in every plant's life when an antagonist comes along to cause trouble. When the mites and mealybugs come to munch on their leaves, any discerning plant parent would be right to be cautious of those new proprietary pesticides that haven't been documented for very long. To meet the need for a thoroughly tried and true pest repellant, we developed our GET OFF ME! cold-pressed Organic Neem Oil. For centuries, oil pressed out of seeds from the neem tree has been used to help crops make it to harvest before something eats them. We have co-evolved with neem oil in agriculture for hundreds of years and have been ingesting it thousands of years longer. The likelihood of infection or infestation can be reduced appropriate watering, ventilation, and drainage (our rePotme Slot Pot is unmatched for ventilation and drainage!) Letting the soil dry between waterings helps keep the soil inhospitable to pests. When pests come it's the devil to pay, but with just a little easy maintenance, you can keep your Pothos growing, thriving, and crawling well into the future!

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