How to Care for String of Pearls

String of Pearls

String of Pearls are intriguing plants to raise at home. Despite appearances, they are resilient to handling and repotting. Their uncanny resemblance to fruit on a vine may give an impression of frailty since fruit inevitably ripens and fall off the vine. However, they do not lose their berries to ripening because they are not berries, but leaves. While they do require some easy plant care to thrive, it is not so easy to accidentally pluck off the "pearl" leaves as they would be if they were fruit. The leaves of succulents are highly vascular and well-attached because they store and release vital resources for the plant. Their leaves have also been referred to as "Beads," "Rosary," and "Peas." This article will string together some easy tips on keeping your jewel-like friend happy, healthy, and wealthy!

Find a Great Pot

Choosing a pot for your String of Pearls is akin to finding a living space for a person. Plants need root-room as much as we need legroom. It is important to provide your plant with enough space to root their roots, and for those roots to breathe. Firstly, for your plants' roots to breathe easily, they need good drainage and airflow. Our square rePotme Succulent Pots provide good drainage and are a fitting size for the earlier stages of your succulent's life. When your String of Pearls grows up, they will benefit for extra root space and side ventilation. For the progressive growth and adult stages of their life, we offer a range of sizes of our rePotme Slot Pots, which have spectacular ventilation all around! If you prefer ceramics over plastics, our rePotme ceramic pots come in various sizes and styles! String of Pearls have a root system that doesn't require too much space, but they should still be repotted to larger pots with their growth within reason. For the early stages of your String of Pearls' life, our rePotme String of Pearls Starter Kit has everything you need, including our square rePotme Succulent Pots!

If your String of Pearls is in a pot with solid walls that does not offer side circulation, it is vital to let the surface of the soil breathe by keeping most of the vine-like branches draped over the sides. Keeping your soil breathing is the best precaution against the dreaded root-rot! Because the String of Pearls is draped over the sides of the pot, it is a prime candidate for a hanging plant! You can hang a potted String of Pearls anywhere and accentuate any living space with their foliage! Our rePotme Hand Woven Macrame Hangers are excellent options for hanging these aesthetic succulents! Macrame hangers offer both form and function to any houseplant setup in any room and come in a variety of vibrant colors and smooth finishes to showcase viny plants and impress your guests!

Selecting the Right Soil

Because String of Pearls are succulents, they have particular hydration needs to accommodate their vast network of water-retaining vacuoles without overwatering. String of Pearls, like other succulents, need nutritious free-draining soil that retains just enough moisture to be accommodated. To meet the specific needs of your String of Pearls, our rePotme String of Pearls Imperial Succulent Mix was specially formulated with a free-draining moisture retention and rich, balanced nutrition powered by New Zealand Monterey Pine bark!

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String of Pearls Imperial Succulent Mix

Don't Overwater!

Because of the succulents' curious system of keeping internal water reserves, String of Pearls are susceptible to overwatering. If it is particularly hot or dry where your succulent is, watering may need to be adjusted accordingly. Watering cans can help regulate water flow and account for the amount of water used at a given time. Our rePotme plastic or stainless-steel watering cans are effective at controlling water output. Our [plastic watering cans are lightweight and are available in playful colors, and our [stainless steel watering cans are sleek and distinguished. Let String of Pearls dry out between waterings, then give them a refreshment using your watering can!

Bright, But Not Too Bright

Similar to finding the right balance with water, it is important to know how much direct sunlight String of Pearls require. While String of Pearls shy away from direct sunlight, they do not brood in darkness either. They still need plenty of sunlight to grow and thrive. As with all succulents, they need adequate sunlight to maintain healthy, vibrant leaves. If your String of Pearls isn't in a position to receive sunlight, a full-spectrum light can be used instead. 

Your String of Pearls Gets Hungry

String of Pearls benefit from seasonal feedings, especially during the growing season in the spring. String of Pearls will benefit from a nutrient rich fertilizer, such as our rePotme FEED ME! Cactus and Succulent, fed every two to four weeks during the spring and summer months. They do not need to be fertilized in the fall and winter months as their metabolism slows down (as many of us humans can relate to!) With just a little bit of easy tending to, these succulent gems will shine brilliantly and bedazzle your home with nature's jewels!

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