When Will My Orchid Bloom Again?

phalaenopsis orchids usually bloom in the fall/spring

Orchid bloom times can be quite variable depending on the growing environment and the hybridization of the plant. For example, the hybrid Doritaenopsis, a cross between Doritis and Phalaenopsis, blends the summer bloom time of the Doritis parent with the larger blooms of the Phalaenopsis parent creating nice hybrids that look much like a Phal but bloom longer into the summer. Also, some orchids can be forced into bloom by altering the temperatures. For example, Phalaenopsis growers may chill the growing area to trick the plants into thinking it is Fall and setting a bloom spike accordingly. As a result, a plant that is in bloom when purchased is likely to adapt to its environment and set its own bloom cycle based upon its new home. As an example, a plant that is in bloom when purchased in the fall may bloom every winter after that in its new environment.

Some orchids bloom multiple times per year. Others will bloom successively, one bloom following another. Many Phalaenopsis and Psychopsis will be in bloom nearly year-round. These are some of the challenges in specifying specific bloom seasons for orchids. Below is a chart of the general bloom times for genera in our collection.

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GeneraAbbreviationBloom Times
Brassavola[B.]Fall - Winter
Cattleya[C.]Spring / Fall
Catasetum[Ctsm.]Summer - Fall
Cymbidium[Cym.]Fall - Winter
Dendrobium[Den.]Fall - Winter
Doritaenopsis[Dtps.]Spring - Summer
Epidendrum[Epi.]Fall - Spring
Encyclia[Enc.]Winter - Spring
Oncidium[Onc.]Fall - Winter
Paphiopedilum[Paph.]Winter - Spring
Phalaenopsis[Phal.]Fall - Spring
Phragmipedium[Phrag.]Fall - Spring
Psychopsis[Psychp.]Fall - Spring
Sophronitis[Soph.]Fall - Spring
Stanhopea[Stan.]Summer - Fall
Vanda[V.]Spring - Fall

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