Plant a Spectacular Succulent Window Box

Window Boxes Can Be A Great way to show off multiple succulents

Window boxes and container gardens make a delightful addition to your home decor, whether indoors or outdoors, but delicate flowers require a lot of care. Why not create a dramatic and colorful display with hardy succulents instead? The variety of colors and textures that succulents offer will provide you with an endless array of design options, and a charming container garden that will thrive without much care

Choosing the Window Box or Container

Your choice of container will depend on the location that you wish to place it in. A window or porch with bright filtered sunlight is best. You may also choose to place the container indoors, in a well-lit area, away from drafts, heaters, air conditioners, and exhaust fumes of any type. Choose a window box planter with plenty of drainage holes, as proper drainage is the single most important consideration when cultivating succulents in containers. If you want to grow taller plants, such as a jade plant that may become top-heavy over time, consider using a wide, shallow ceramic planter to provide sufficient weight support at the base. These ceramic containers come in a variety of shapes and are more portable than a traditional window box, making them ideal for container gardens that may need to be moved indoors during winter in areas where temperatures drop below 40°F.

Select a Soil Mix Designed for Succulents

Avoid rich, dark commercial soil mixes, as these retain too much moisture and tend to increase the risk of root rot in succulents; instead, choose a soil medium specifically formulated for succulents such as our Imperial Cactus and Succulent Mix. Again, drainage is key to the health of these drought-resistant plants that cannot tolerate accumulation of water around the roots. The proper soil mix with ingredients such as coir and sand create the perfect grainy and loose texture that provides adequate drainage for these plants. 

Plan Your Design

Once you’ve made these two selections, you’re off to a successful start, as most failures when growing succulents occur due to insufficient drainage that results in root rot over time. Just pick out a warm spot with good natural ventilation and filtered sunlight, and you’re well on your way to growing a spectacular window box garden.There are plenty of gorgeous, colorful succulents to choose from. 

There are some, such as the donkey’s tail, which cascade over the edge of the pot, while the sempervivum provides an extensive variety of rosettes. Aloe vera, in any of its decorative variations, can add some vertical movement to the design, and a panda or jade plant can add sensual sculptural elements. 

Succulents are slow-growing can may be planted snugly into your container for a very full look, or you may choose to space them further apart and use a layer of rock/stone potting media as a decorative ground cover that also helps weigh down and anchor your plants. Ideally, plant taller, larger succulents in the back of your window box, mid-height rosettes in the center, and creeping or handing succulents in the front to create depth and texture. If you use a circular container, position taller plants in the center and surround them with sempervivum or smaller aloes.

A wonderful way to display your window box is to arrange a stairway effect using humidity trays to display multiple levels of plants at once, creating further depth and variety. By planting a few hanging succulents such as donkey’s tail in the front of each box, you can create a cascade effect that can visually unite the various levels. Be creative and go for a wide variety of colors and textures!

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