Top 7 Pests and Diseases Succulent Growers Should Watch For

holes in your leaves? Could be a snail.

Most succulents are hearty and disease resistant, but they can be affected by infestation or infection. If your lighting, drainage, and temperature are appropriate but your succulent is still struggling, take a look at the following troubleshooting guide to determine if it may be affected by pests or disease and, if so, how to nurse it back to health.

Troubleshooting Guide for Succulent Pests & Diseases

Disfigured new growth with tiny insects on stems and leaves?

Holes in leaves?

White stuff on leaves, stems, or roots that looks like cotton?

Irregular white rings on dark areas?

Black indentations in leaves?

Webs and small red dots on leaves?

Sickly look with brown, scaly bumps on stems?

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