~ $1000 Minimum Order ~

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~ Premium Ingredients ~

Our orchid mixes are known to be the best in the industry. 

The Phalaenopsis Dark Imperial Orchid Mix is our most popular mix!

Monterey Pine Bark

This extraordinary media from New Zealand is dark and rich. It retains a hard structure with excellent porosity, is buffered with dolomitic lime to achieve an optimal pH of 5.5 to 6.5, and is an organic renewable resource.

Sponge Rock

Sponge rock decreases the compaction of mix, increases aeration, and retains moisture. Sponge rock is a volcanic glass that expands when heated and becomes very porous, making it great for orchid mixes


Hydroton is a unique lightweight expanded clay aggregate made in Europe. Advantages of Hydroton include free draining qualities, pH neutrality, and reusability. 

AAA Sphagnum Moss

Imported from New Zealand, this moss is a far higher quality than typical sphagnum found in Canada and Chile. Due to its remarkable water retentiveness, it makes a great addition to a free draining mix.


~ Experience Incredible Results ~

Hand Blended Daily

Our mix is hand blended daily to ensure freshness and quality

No Chemicals or Fertilizers

Our products are 100% free of any chemicals or fertilizers.

Fantastic Drainage

Our mixes are designed to maximize growth, leading to healthier plants and less root rot.

Better Ingredients

We source our ingredients from all over the world. When you buy from us, you know you're getting quality