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Square Pots

We have a nice selection of square plastic orchid pots, in clear and in white. These are available in sizes ranging from the 2" Aircone up to the 6" white multi-level base with built-in slots for plant labels.

You can also choose our latest clear 3.25" square with its great open pattern at the bottom for superior drainage and airflow.

The 3.5" square white is also an option as a nice sturdy pot for small plants and seedlings. It has a slightly raised center at the base with 4 unique bottom side cut ports with holes for drainage and airflow. The 4.5" square white is our largest square plastic pot and has wonderful drainage features built into the base.

If you are looking for even more variety and sizes, be sure to check out our white and clear round plastic pot product line, all with great drainage features too. These were chosen for performance too, and rePotme offers them in larger sizes (up to 10 inches), in-between sizes (5 1/2", 4.5", 3.5") and a wide selection of clear slotted round pots in four sizes ranging from 3" up to our original 6" slot pot.

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