White Pots

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Our white pots will be recognized by seasoned orchidists as the same type used over the years before the clear type started appearing. They have multiple drainage holes in the bottom and also cut-outs at the side bottoms for even more air and drainage. We love these orchid pots because they are fairly rigid, they look sharp all by themselves, and they cut down on algae growth which is common on the inside of clear pots. Unlike dark nursery pots, 6" White Square 8" Tall Giant Pot are slightly translucent and likely provide some light to orchid roots for photosynthesis.

The old fashioned white pot, clean, sturdy and beautiful in any setting. Clear pots have their place too, and once you get your watering cycle figured out, the pure white pot is a pleasure to use and to look at.

We carry a full line of crystal clear orchid pots too, and we are well stocked with our same great original crystal clear plastic orchid pots in a variety of sizes, 4" 5" 6" and 8". We also have a wide variety of side and bottom slotted clear orchid pots that are more rigid than our original double drainage clear orchid pots. These are available in sizes of 3", 4", 5", 6" and we also carry a great multi-ported square 3.25 clear pot.