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Big & Tall Plastic Pots

All Big and Tall Pots

We are delighted to offer a wide variety of specialty big and tall pots for those plants that need a little extra room.

We had to go to Germany to find two very special deep pots which we wanted for growing Paphiopedilums, Phragmipediums (Lady Slipper Orchids), and other deep rooted orchids and prized plants in. They are also terrific for Rose growing. What distinguishes these pots in particular is their depth, relative to their diameter. The 5" wide model is a full 7.25 inches tall and the 6" wide model is even taller, at 8 inches.

We are also delighted to have found two big 12 and 14 inch pots. They are matched in style and color and offer outstanding drainage on two levels with built in feet that are sturdy and attractive. The 12 inch model has 12 holes in the base with four of them in a raised cross section on the inside base. There are 4 ports out of the base to channel away water. At 9 1/2 tall, this pot will handle large repotting projects.

The Granddaddy 14 inch model is our largest pot offering and is finished in the same beautiful style and clay like texture and color as the 12". The styling of both pots make them ideal for indoors or out and both will fit on our largest humidity tray for indoor duty. The 14" has the same 12 holes as the smaller version and the same ingenious double drainage design we look for in all of our orchid pots. With a height of over 11 inches this is one serious pot for your largest specimens.

Both pots have a strong rolled lip for beauty and for carrying and both have multiple slots in the top of the lip for plant labels. They really look like clay pots with the matte textured finish, not the shiny look of inferior terracotta colored pots.

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