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“I received the potting mix and I have to say that it is wonderful!! I was skeptical to spend a little extra money for the bark mix when I can go to Lowe's and get it for a fraction of the price. But...your mix speaks for itself! So clean, nice and easy to work with. It's the best and I plan on buying for you all again and again. Thanks so much!!”

- Alicia S.

Plastic orchid pots are a staple of any orchid grower because repotting orchids is a regular and critical part of their health and beauty. Clear plastic orchid pots are popular for orchids in part because one can see what's going on with roots and moisture content. Orchid roots engage in photosynthesis and clear orchid pots make this possible. Additionally, some orchids roots, most notably Phalaenopsis, will tend to stay in a clear pot where they will grow outside a dark colored pot. On the other hand, white plastic orchid pots look great with plants in them and they less susceptible to algae growth on the inside.

Good drainage and multiple holes are critical for orchids because one wants to avoid roots standing in water or sopping wet media; airy environments are what orchids love. All of our orchid pots are double drainage pots. This means that they have twice the normal number of holes on the bottom. At rePotme Orchid Supplies we carry a full line of orchid pots in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Our largest orchid pot is in white, and is a giant 10 inches across, perfect for a large specimen or cymbidium. White pots will be recognized by seasoned orchidists as the same type used over the years before the clear type started appearing. They have multiple drainage holes in the bottom and also cut-outs at the side bottoms for even more air and drainage. We love these white orchid pots because they are quite rigid, and they look sharp all by themselves.

Our orchid supply section includes rhizome clips to use with our orchid pots.

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