Quantum Orchid - 8 ounce bottle

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All Natural - 100% Organic
Probiotic Power

Quantum™ Orchid is probiotics for orchids (like yogurt is for people) with natural microorganisms for superior health and growth. Great for all plants, from orchids to grasses.

Directions for Use:
Quantum Orchid can be used with your normal watering and fertilizing at the rate of 1 Tablespoon per gallon. Pour diluted solution over the potting mix. For best results apply every 14 to 21 days. We suggest mixing outdoors because Quantum Orchid can have an odor you may find objectionable when you first open the bottle. 

Why Should I Use Quantum Orchid?

  • Increases blooms.
  • Increases root growth and thickness.
  • Stimulates brighter colors.
  • Promotes lush growth.
  • Safe for use around people and pets.
  • Ideal for new or transplanted orchids.
  • Good for the environment.
  • Helps orchids recover from damage by pests and environmental stress.

Quantum Orchid performs multiple key functions for increased orchid growth and health including:

  • Microbes that help deliver and cycle fertilizer to increase nutrient uptake for orchids.
  • Beneficial microbes that increase orchid health and their natural resistance to stress and disease.
  • Microbes that increase orchid growth through the natural production of plant hormones.
  • Photosynthetic strains that "feed" orchids by producing sugars, thus providing energy to plants.

Quantum Orchid is:

  • Not a fertilizer (no added N-P-K) or a compost / manure product.
  • Not a chemical, pesticide or artificial hormone.
  • Not made of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

What about odor?:

Like many horticultural supplements, Quantum-Orchid may have a bit of an odor when you first open the bottle. The good news is, there is no noticable odor from the product once applied.

Excerpted Reviews

"My initial introduction to Quantum-Orchid was at an open house at Black Meadow Flora, which is an orchid greenhouse. A lecture was given where I learned about Quantum and all how it enhances orchid health,growth and vigor. I use 1 tsp. Quantum-Orchid per 6 cups of water as directed on the bottle during repotting as well as during my usual watering regime. In just two weeks I have witnessed some orchids literally come back to life! No droopy, paper thin dull leaves. Roots growth- as well as flowers blooming for six months.

This week I found one of my Phals with two new spikes!

I recommend it - give it a try!"

Michele B. 
New York

"To whom it may concern,

I have been using Quantum Growth on my entire collection of over one hundred orchids since late May, 2007. I found out about Quantum Growth from friends in the Master Gardeners of St. Johns County and attended a lecture on it at the St. Augustine Agricultural Center. It didn't take long after I started using Quantum Growth for me to see a noticeable and positive difference in my orchids... After only about two weeks of using it, I noticed a pronounced increase in new root production on many of my plants. That was followed closely by lush new growth and not long after that - blooms!

Perhaps the most dramatic results I got from Quantum Growth on any of my orchid hybrids was on my Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance'. The plant literally "exploded" in growth with Quantum Growth and by July, 2007 had produced five separate flower spikes, each one over three feet long with branching inflorescences. There were over 150 individual flowers on it. Never had this plant performed like that before in the three years I've had it! My Oncidium Sweet Sugar 'Salaya' plant also bloomed beautifully with multiple spikes in August, 2007.

Some orchid species I have that either have bloomed or are currently in spike and about to bloom since May, 2007 are Dendrobium aggregatum, Angraecum sesquipedale, Epidendrum ciliare and Maxillaria tenuifolia. In November, 2007 a friend gave me two cuttings off of her Oncidium carthagense plant. I mounted one on a cypress slab and put the other in an empty (no potting medium) wooden slatted basket. In less than two weeks with Quantum Growth, both the cuttings had dozens of new roots shooting out. The one on the cypress mount has completely rooted onto it in less than two months.

I highly recommend any orchid grower give it a try on your plants, you will not regret doing it!"

Paul J. 
St. Augustine Orchid Society


Yes! She is thrilled with the orchid mix and used it ALL the next day. She thinks it is excellent material and be sure we will be back with another order. She has been collecting orchids for 41 years and said it is the best mix she has ever seen.

Nancy G.

The potting medium you sent is gorgeous!! It's superior to the bark I've been buying at Lowe's. I can't imagine what (my orchids) will do when I put them in your potting mix. It even smells fresh!! Many, many thanks. I'll be ordering from you again.

Janie M.

I repotted it in the Imperial Monterey Orchid Mix that I had on hand, with a sad bloom or two still trying to hang on. Since then, it began growing new roots and leaves. The spike even began to grow/elongate, adding new buds, and rewarded me with 7 new blooms, the size of your palm. A testament that your products work wonders.

Cindy S.

Dear rePotme, Your Order arrived so fast! Once again, I believe that you have the best website, order system and delivery time of any and all internet services (and I am including Amazon, which is also terrific!). Thanks! Your products are first rate, the service is first rate and I am one satisfied customer!!!

Betsy M.

I LOVE EVERYTHING I BOUGHT FROM YOU GUYS! I'm your customer for life! When I first got my orchid mix I couldn't believe how nice it was! I've never seen such nice moss! I have suggested you to everyone I know that grows orchids. Your products are fabulous.

Jennifer B.

I don't even know where to begin! It is not often that a company impresses me the way yours has. Your commitment to customer service, education, quality, excellence, and integrity is evident in every detail - from the products, packaging, shipping, customer service, and the website and all its information. Please give my thanks and appreciation to everyone at rePotme.com!

Abby S.


I am relieved to have finally found an online retailer who actually reads and responds to customer inquiries in a timely manner...My first order from rePotme.com was placed, confirmed, assembled and shipped in less than 12 hours!!!!! Truly Amazing..

Toby P.

I received the potting mix and I have to say that it is wonderful!! I was skeptical to spend a little extra money for the bark mix when I can go to Lowe's and get it for a fraction of the price. But...your mix speaks for itself! So clean, nice and easy to work with. It's the best and I plan on buying for you all again and again. Thanks so much!!

Alicia S.

Since I had such success with that mix and the Paph mix, I have converted some of my Phals to the Imperial Mix...they are showing the same results. Strong growth, good roots and spikes. Your mixes are always fresh and distinctive. I have found nothing on the market like them and recommend them to all my orchid friends. Not sure what you put in them but keep it up.

Cindy B.