7" Honey Cream Over Coffee Pinwheel Fluted Orchid Pot

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7.5" Wide
6.25" Tall
6" Deep

Our spectacular hand glazed ceramic orchid pots are available in three generous diameters, 6”, 8” and 10”.  These are no ordinary ceramic orchid pots, as they are custom made for us and designed to fit with our free included clear plastic inserts.  The inserts help protect that incredible glazed finish while channeling water to the attached drip tray while still allowing light to reach roots for photosynthesis.  The included inserts keep roots from protruding through the side openings of the ceramic pot as well, and make it easy to lift the plant out to examine roots systems and moisture levels.  Each of these works of art are glazed inside and out and the base comes with soft pads attached to protect surfaces and furniture.  Stunningly beautiful, with a deep and rich glaze, these gorgeous pots will protect and show off your wonderful plants for many years to come.